Our olive oil

Our olive oil

The secret of good cooking is having first-rate ingredients, first and foremost good olive oil. Which is why, to enhance the flavour of our dishes, we have chosen to produce our own extra virgin olive oil.

The sub-Mediterranean climate of the Basso Sarca Valley, mitigated by the presence oof Lake Garda, offers the perfect habitat for the cultivation of olive groves. The oil from Trentino is renowned for being produced from plants grown at one of the highest latitudes of our hemisphere, and indeed our terraced olive groves are situated on the slopes of Mount Tenno.

Our passion for agriculture and wholesomeness has been handed down from generation to generation: Lino, Giorgio’s father and founder of the trattoria, preferred to be known as a "peasant" rather than a restaurateur, and Giorgio, while being the trattoria’s front man, loves to remind those around him of his passion for agriculture and his love of the land. Recently, this passion has been embraced by Annalisa, who has founded the agricultural enterprise "Val", and who follows the cultivation of her vineyards and olive groves with great dedication. Her main aim is to oversee the entire production process, so as to offer our customers wholesome, first-rate oil.

Cold pressed, this extra virgin olive oil has a delicate flavour, with a slightly bitter and zesty aftertaste, capable of enhancing a great variety of dishes.

In 2011, Annalisa’s oil won first prize as “Best Municipal Oil” in a competition organised by the Cultural Committee of Cologna Tenno Gavazzo